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Where To Start?

There are dozens of reasons to Prep, ie. natural disasters, epidemic, social disorder, economic crash, zombie apocalypse, or alien invasions. Ok, some of those make me snicker, but we all have our fears. Often, once we feel securely prepped in one area, we branch out and prep for another. It's all about having a foundation and building, building, building. I think most real preppers never consider themselves done.

So... How the hell do you start? I remember asking my bff that. While prepping has always been a want for me, she started years before I did. She simply said, "When you go to the store, even if it's only $5 more, buy extra." That was about it. While she was right, that wasn't what I was looking for. My goal here is to tell you everything I wish I'd been told... and eventually, maybe some of you will get to the point where I'll be looking to you for ideas.

First, and foremost, assess your likely situation.

Consider your region and your likely threats. Do you live in an area prone to extreme weather, or natural disasters? Power outages, tornadoes, flooding, drought, wildfires, etc. If you do, these are your most pressing concerns. (Once you prep for those, you can build on that foundation and address the "what if" concerns.

In your most likely scenario, what will you need to do? Are you likely to have to bug out or bug in. If you have to bug out, remember portability in all of your preps. If you're lucky enough to bug in, perhaps you don't have to consider extensive camping equipment and such.  If you do have to bug out, where are you going to go? My family has A, B, and C immediate locations... and two long distance "refugee" type locations (friends in states outside of our region where we can seek safety.) If you have to bug out, and your family isn't together, how will you find each other? Our ABC plan has a time frame attached to it. A= 3 hours, B= 3days, C= 3 Weeks. (Our biggest threat is serious flooding in which, depending on where each family member is, it might take 3 weeks for us to reunite.)(plan this shit out!)

Once you figure out what is most likely going to be required, figure out what items you're going to need to invest in. Remember the 7 objectives:
1. Water
2. Fire (heat)
3. Shelter
5. Security
6. Health & First Aid
7. Communications (I almost forgot this because it's what my family needs to work on the most... yeeps)

I will address each of these in the coming up weeks.

Once you figure out your needs, plan how you're going to acquire these items and how you're going to store them.**Tip: when considering something for your preps, try to find items that serve multiple purposes. This reduces the bulk of your stash and trains you to focus on multi-functionality. Once you train your brain to view items this way, you'll be amazed at how creative you become. Seriously, look at a knee high nylon and try to think of all the possible uses. (yes the kind your nana wears.) I'll wait.

How many? 10? 15? now put them on your list of things to put in your bug out bag!

There are a million Prepper's MUST HAVE lists... there are tons of kits and pre-fab bags that you can buy... I strongly recommend you ignore all that crap. Not everyone has the same situation. Not everyone has the same threats or the same needs. And most of those are filled with stuff that, while useful, you can get at the $1 Store or in bulk on Amazon and use your money more wisely. Once you get rolling and you have your feet somewhat firmly planted beneath you, look at the lists and the kits for ideas of where you can fill in your holes.

I'm going to leave you with three important prepper thoughts.

2 is one and 1 is none.
 This is why multi-functionality is so important. 3 is the magic number. 3 ways to get water, 3 ways to make fire, 3 way to build shelter, etc... etc..
  If you rely on a striker to make fire, and you break your rod... and you can't make fire and boiling water was your only way to get drinking water... you're fucked.

2 is one and 1 is none.

3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months
When you first start out, this is how you should manage your goals. Think in terms of what you need to survive for 3 days. Achieve that. Then work on 3 weeks worth. Achieve that, 3 months. Then 3 more months. etc.
This gives you defined, manageable goals.

Lastly, maybe most importantly...

Watch youtube videos, read articles, talk to people. Don't bog yourself down with shit you can't actually use. Once you get it, take it out, play with it, get to know it. BECOME FAMILIAR!!

Think about things... ask me questions. Next I'll discuss the foundation of life: WATER.

Till then!!

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