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Car Kits

I think car kits are probably the easiest place to start with actually putting components together into an organized unit. So that's where we start!!

By this point, if you haven't identified your concerns, objectives, and goals... I'm not quite sure why you're still here and/or haven't been asking questions. When you consider what to put in your car kit, you have to identify these things. There are the standards that apply to all survival scenarios; water, fire, shelter, food.... My goals have always been to give you options and let you pick what will work best for you. Please continue doing that. From there, all I can tell you is what I have in mine.

I drive a nice big Tahoe, so I have lots of space for as large of a car kit as I want. Mine is in a big chest tote with wheels and a handle.
Water: I have a Survivor Filter Pro, a small pot for boiling water, and about 6 gallons of water.
Fire: Matches, a lighter, firestarters, a can of Sterno and a small backpacking stove with a propane canister. (Overkill maybe?? lol)
Shelter: I keep a tent in my car all the time, nice for survival stuff... also nice cuz I don't have a lot of storage space. I also have a fairly large tarp. I have a saw (I dunno what kind, the big D shaped ones.) and paracord. If I can't shelter the hell outta that, I don't deserve a shelter.
Food: I keep a random supply of ramen, granola bars, instant oatmeal, peanut butter crackers, and stuff. (With food, you have to be very careful with anything that might go bad due to extreme temperatures.)

and a list of the random other things:
First aid kit (alcohol preps, saline flushes, triple antibiotic ointment, burn cream, sterile gauze pads and rolls, self-adhesive wrap, tape, panty liners, gloves, N95 masks, finger splints, arm sling, hand sanitizer, trauma shears, aspirin, Benadryl, Tylenol, ibuprofen, motion sickness, antidiarrheal, and anticonstipation pills, Epi-pen, glucose tabs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss.)(This is my little First aid kit that never leaves the car... except right now. lol)
Road Atlas and local maps
blankets and cold weather gloves and hats
Emergency crank/solar flashlight, radio, phone charger
Solo Cups and plastic silverware
Rain ponchos
mylar blankets
electrical and duct tape
zip ties
pocket knife
flashlight & batteries
TP & EZ towels
work gloves
pruning shears
super glue
x-large garment bag
KNEE HIGH NYLONS!! (you knew those were going to pop up somewhere!!)(Have you pondered the uses yet??)

I do also have a roadside kit with jumper cables and tools and stuff.

Seems like a lot, but as I list it all out, I notice things I'm missing. I should have tampons, a small sewing kit, safety pins, a scalpel or razor blades... I don't actually have any bandaids left in here. I should also have a day or two supply of my son's meds. He has a month's supply in his bugout bag, but a few here would be smart.

Ohhhhhhh and.... I have emesis bags!! These things are great. Use them for carsick kids, or collecting shells at the beach, water, berries, I've even used them for crawfish!!

It seems like a ton, but really most of it is light weight and my tote has room for more. In an ideal situation you really don't want to leave your vehicle; but if you have to, make sure you leave a clear sign as to which direction you headed and try to stick to main roads. Having a note pad and pen in your glove box is pretty essential for this purpose. Leaving a time and date that you left your vehicle is also ideal for those who might be searching for you.

So, for the 100 billionth time, I'm going to try to figure out what I've forgotten to put in my kit...

Tomorrow, BOBs...

**After thought: It's amazing how somethings might be useful. I was at my BFF's wedding and they were having issues with some of the decorations. Her dad was like "I wish I had some zipties!!" and I was like, "Hang on, I got you!!"
 "Scarlet, why the fuck do you have zipties???"

Cuz you never know!!

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